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About Us

Red Line is a company specialized in distributing premium foodstuffs through a professional staff with extensive experience spanning several years in the field of distribution.
Red Line was established in 2017 and is the exclusive agent for a group of local companies and laboratories producing foodstuffs such as marshmallows, salty sticks with multiple flavors, crunchy toast, in addition to the distinctive varieties of jelly and luxurious cakes.

Our features

Quality you can trust

At Red Line, we strive to choose our products carefully in line with the best quality standards.
We always make sure to present it to our customers in the right way by selling it through our staff, in a way that guarantees them the best sales service.

A variety of choices

We offer a wide range of food items, from sponge cake, toast, crackers, jelly, and more. Whether you are looking for something exotic or something familiar, you will find it with Red Line.

Unmatched comfort

We make sure that our products are always available when you need them. We offer fast delivery and easy payment options so you can get what you need without any hassle.
You can rest assured that your customers will be happy with every purchase.

Excellence in customer service

At Red Line, we believe in providing exceptional customer service. Our friendly staff is always ready to answer your questions and provide helpful advice when needed.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive pricing on our products so you can remain competitive in the market and maximize your profits.

Our Mission,Vision And Value


Our mission at red line is sell more than 20 products cake, jelly…. with originality, sincerity and honesty.

We strive to provide a reliable supply of high-quality food items, ensuring that you get what you need without compromising on quality.


Red Line envisions is to be a leading food agent company, providing high quality products and services globally.
Exclusive agents with competitive prices for a number of innovative and high-quality food products in Syria and the Middle East.



Red Line Company meets its customers’ expectations by providing optimum products.


Red Line Company is honest and reliable. As a loyal partner, it is highly committed to thoroughness and correctness.

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